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Sunday, 15 December 2013 • 11:00 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum Earthlings

Well, seeing that my younger siblings are growing up fast. I'm in awed. And, looking back to the old days, where we were like playing together, mess up things, fight and stuff. I just can't believe that they're now actually old enough to have that privacy of their own. To be honest, I kinda miss that old times where we keep ourselves busy playing around without any concern. A lot. And I know, I didn't say it much. But I really love you guys to the moon and back, even like a whole universe trip. Do know, that no one can ever replace that tiny space of yours in my heart. I may be squeeze you guys up with a lot of other things that I practically care more and that is all because I realize the fact that u'll always be there for me and I ended up care less about the two of you. You guys are great. And please remember that this big sister of yours is not that good in reflecting her gratitude. So I hope, Even if I have only said it once. I truly mean that I Love You. Forever. And ever.

I may fight with my siblings, But once you lay a finger on them, You'll be facing me.

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