Lee Jinki's Day;
Friday, 13 December 2013 • 07:59 • 0 comments

Saengil Chukkae Onew!

Born on 14.12.1989
Prince Onew

14.12.13 - To the cutest leader on earth ; Happy 24th Birthday Lee Jinki !  Shawols are wishing you a more healthy and successful upcoming years. Don't hurt yourself again, ok? And do stay cute as alwaysMay Shinee stay strong. May Shinee stay sparkle. Tofu Leader fighting! Have a great birthday and always remember that Shawol will be at your back. Anytime. Know what? You're a great leader, you'll always be.

Ps: Seriously, I had a hard time choosing onew's picture for this pre-wish entry. How come every picture of yours can look so good? Btw, here. have a glimpse of Onew's cuteness down there. If he's hot? that's not my fault. Onew jjang~

He who warms your heart. He who has a sweet smile. He who lead. Onew. Lee Jinki. 

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