Shinee's Comeback ;
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Look forward to next month, Shinee has just been announced to release a new mini album titled “Everybody”. The album will be released on October 14th to round up what has been a very wonderful and Shinee packed-year. "Everybody" follows the release of Dream Girl in February and Why So Serious in April, culminating into a triple hit. After Dream Girl, Why So Serious, Fire, Misconceptions of Us, the Boys Meet U album, and the Boys Meet U single, this will be Shinee’s seventh release of the year.
Shinee’s past albums have been widely recognized for exhibiting a contemporary flair with high-quality music and performances, and “Everybody” will surely bring Shinee’s unique appeal to the table as well.
Taemin’s was the first teaser picture revealed through the SM Entertainment official Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo on September 30th. Leading up to the album’s release date, more teaser images will be revealed to show off the other members’ transformations.
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Shinee's comeback! can't wait! - Onew , Jjong , Key , Minho , Taem fighting~

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