Shinee's Back ;
Friday, 8 March 2013 • 02:19 • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum Earthlings?

'Shinee at Mcountdown'

Shawols? did u've been well?
I'm glad if you did.'grinned'
Officially,this is my 1st entry,
for this year.I mean,It supposed.

Finally,the shining Shinee's Back!
Yeay! put your hands up yeoreobun.
It's been about 3 weeks since their comeback.
And I didn't even congratulate them once.
But u called yourself a Shawol? 'mianhae~'

So here,now,this minute and hour,
To my shining Shinee, Chukkae~ Chukkae~
I've heard to all of your new tracks,
and they only need 2 sec to impress me.
For your amazing musics and fashions. Gomawo~

Seeing them on stage with a new style and image,
it seems like they're turning back to the old'em,
Shinee are always look good in colours,aren't they?
and,they're still always stunning in every outfits.
Who else can look awesome in colourful skinies like they did?

I've heard to all of their tracks on their comeback day,
they're amazing.I've been humming on'em all day long.
But,after i'm going through the playlist again and again,
seems like i've fallen in love with them once more.
I think it's about the 1000th times already.
'Aside' is such a sweet and loveable songs. melt~

Shining Shinee? I'm really happy for your comeback,
We Shawols are hoping all of u'll continue to shine brighter.
and continue to deliver us your pleasant and awesome musics.
Please,do always stay healthy and live a happy life.
No matter how hard your days are,Shawols are right behind your back.

They're cute aren't they?
'I barely get times to type more nowadays.I'm hoping times could stop once'

Guten Tag;

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