Minho Onew? Saengil Chukkae ;
Sunday, 9 December 2012 • 11:13 • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum Dear,

Kyaa~ Birthday Minho baru je lepas semalam,
Asalnya nak wish pagi tadi , tapi ada kenduri.
Nevermind, better late than never kan.
Masa key hari tu pun, tak dpt wish. sobs

- To my Adorable Tofu Leader Onew and my Flaming Charisma Minho -

I send to you warm wishes,may your life will be as wonderful as the happiness,
that you have always given to the Shawols. we wish both of you a happy adorable birthday.
May both of you stay healthy and cute. Do always create good memories ok?
And to my Almighty Key , Happy belated adorable birthday too.
May you will always be a cute diva.

-Comelnya Shinee celebrate birthday-

Tahun ni , birthday Key , Minho dgn Onew - Shinee members sambut atas stage SWC II

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