Packed Week ;
Friday, 13 July 2012 • 00:17 • 0 comments

How's ur day? is everything fine?
Firstly, I wanna say sorry, i'm really2 madly sorry,
cause i've been ignored this site for a long time.
I'm busy with my schedules and some other things.

I've tried my best,but i couldn't make it...
But,now? I'm back! hey? *grinned*
Apa yg terjadi kat sy a whole week ny?
Entah? I'm lost *what on earth are U think u're doing*

Cuma,like what i've just said up there,
this week is kinda crazy packed week.
SMJ baru sja hbis dgn Koku & Sports.
Although I was not involved in any of the events,
Sya juga trasa mcm da jd alien. *It's tiring*

Actually,Shine dgn P-pah aje yg trlibat dgn smuanya 2.
Tp,sya,Gee and Hana jga da mcm askar kwad pagi,
Range throughout the school,here and there,
Sbb? si budak berdua 2 da busy pegi training sna sni.

Debat? almost forgotten...
Itu dah jd mcm isu penting plak skrg.
kat mana je kaki menjejak dlm sek tu,
org akan busy ckp pasal ni. *serabut*

At first,I was forced to take part in that debate thing,
and I was like "I don't want to,and I don't wanna give even a try"
our teacher keep pushing us,persuade us and so other things.
at last, I think i'm going to say 'Ok' but unfortunately,
Something happened, and i'm saying 'No' again. hmmm

But,Gee take part in that,and i'm so proud of her *wink*
Cikgu? I'm so sorry, I can sing but I can't talk.I've a low self-confidence

Habis tentang tu.well, mcm semua Pmr candidates dah tau,
The trial is just around the corner,and I'm not ready enough.
I'm really2 scared. I'm wondering knp msa cpt sgt berjalan,
So I guess? it's the time. open up your books & starts reading.

Ok la, I've to go,
till meet u again next time.
Assalamualaikum. Love You!

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