My hearts speak ;
Thursday, 12 April 2012 • 20:44 • 0 comments
Dear You;Nur Atiqah Suraya,

My heart speaks,listens to it...

To see you smile is a happy moment for me,
your presence in my life, made me learn to be grateful...
you mean a world to me ...
my passion, my joy, my grief and all that which I did,
you're always there beside me.
pardon me, if I was not able to become a good friend to you.
pardon me, if I ban you from free with your own way.
I'm sorry, if you feel that I do not understand you, your attitude,
your life and everything.

I just wannna you to know,
I love you because you always want to be your true self.
you never bothered about what other people say about you,
you never care about the bad things that people say about you.
I am proud, because you never tried to be someone else.
I am proud when you show that you are never weak in others.

your strength, raise me, every time I fall down.
you are the best friends I've ever had.
no matter what people say about you,
I've never bothered, I would never ever try to care.
for me, you are Nur Atiqah Suraya,
a person who has made my life full of colors,
the one that shaped my world until it becomes,
a world that is very meaningful for me.
and a friend who never try to judge me.

At each end of my steps, you are always there,
ready to keep me from falling or welcome me to share the joy.
My joy will not be meaningful without you in sight.
My life would not be perfect, without you and my family by my side.

In all my prayers,
I always pray for you to be happy with your life,
and,may you stay healthy and blessed.
I've wished for you to get all what you've dreamed.
Dear Nas; I love you from the depths of my heart.

P/s:Sorry,saya tak pandai untuk ber-puitis,ini aje yg mampu saya karang.

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