She's Gone...Farwell
Tuesday, 1 November 2011 • 08:59 • 0 comments

And...she's gone ! 'dia' dh menapak jauh smpy aq dh x terkejar,hatta nk trik ke
tepi sekalipun dh x blh...dy jauh...sangat2

It's kindda great seeing you happy...
but...It's hurt when i'm wishing you 'good luck' without a reply.
i'm waiting...but there's still no 'Good Luck Ain' from you.
my own bestie !!!
u're too far away,even that i can see you right infront of me...

''hopely fate fares me well''...I oftenly prays 4 that...
but...the reality is -> ''fates faring me well ey??? not really''
tp x ap...sbb...i've learned...
Allah always had 3 replies 2 our prayer -> Yes,Yes but not now OR i have a better plans 4 you.
Maybe is maybe...And i've been taught that the meaning of the 'maybe' is = it's not likely to be.
And aq rsa mcm nk bertkar ke 'Ain' yg baru...yg blh than dgn smuanya,means ? sabar.
i'm not expecting that i'll be that extremely strong but i'll try. it's worth 2 try.

smntra Allah dh bkak pin2 hati ni untk slalu 'chat' dgn 'DIA'...baek aq cpt2 berubah sblm Allah mrajuk and dh x nak bkak2 lagi pin2 tu...
lgpn bkan ke 'DIA' sntiasa ad kt atas sna? being the GREATEST COMPANION EVER!!!

aq dh pnat 'begging for the forgiven'...sometimes aq pn dh rsa bdo dgn my own action.dh mmg crystally clear yg she didn't want me to be there.
aq amk msa yg lama untk fham that ['I-DIDN'T-NEED-YOU-TO-BE-HERE']
Ain? engkau mmg dh sparuh sasau...

Changing 4 good is not a sin...thought it'll cost me blood and tears for a start.I'm glad on my behalf.
lgpn aq dh pnat buang msa untk kjar something yg dh trlalu jauh smpy x tercpai.and i'm not expecting yg aq blh ubah blek smua ny jd mcm masih lg di 'prolog'. 'Epilog' dy dh trlalu clear untk dicari lg...she's gone -THE END-

ending yg senang bg dy tp menyesakkan dada aq...tp ap aq blh buat??? bku dh nk tertutup.
org mgkin akn ckp...'there's still a lot of friends of your's,out there' tp jwpn aq ttp sme "yg hilang mngkin berganti,tp x akan sma dgn yg lama"

aq dh jadi separuh sasau dgn smua bnd yg dh brlaku akhir2 ny.bnda2 yg ckup menyakitkan. sakit tanpa luka. (that's so parah) tp aq agk pasti yg aq msih lg blh brdri even aq dh jtoh smpy beratus2 kly. lend me a hand...aq yakin sbb msih ad 'DIA'

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